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Congress Topics
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The following is a selection of topics for which the Scientific and Program Committee is particularly seeking contributions. However, contributions for any topic in the field of Gerontology and Geriatrics will be considered. Special sessions relevant to the topics will be organized in the framework of CCGI 2018.

  • Frailty in Aging: Biological, Clinical and Social Implications
  • Aging and Health ----- A Systems Biology Perspective
  • Palliative Medicine for the Elderly Patient
  • Development of Geriatrics and Aging Research
  • Aging, Health & Economic Growth
  • Ethical Issues in Geriatric Medicine
  • Senior care model for community-dwelling frailty older adults
  • The Mistreatment and Neglect of Older People
  • Human Immunodeficiency Virus Infection for Elderly
  • The Frail Elderly Patient with Heart Disease
  • Chronic Cardiac Failure in the Elderly
  • The Older Adult with Intellectual Disability
  • Functional Psychiatric Illness in the Old Age
  • Management of Agitation in Dementia
  • General Topics in Geriatric Psychiatry
  • Parkinson's Disease and Related Disorders
  • Nutrition and Aging
  • Critical Care in the Elderly
  • Principles of Screening in Older Adults
  • Social Assessment of Geriatric Patients
  • Methodological Problems of Research in Older People

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