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2018 Chinese Congress on Gerontology and Health Industry
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Date: August 31 to September 2, 2018

Venue: Shandong Hotel

The 7th Chinese Congress on Gerontology and Health Industry (CCGI 2018) is hosted by China Health Promotion Foundation and Chinese Association for Gerontology and Health Services.


Chinese Medical Association, Chinese Medical Doctor Association, China Elderly Healthcare Medical Research Council, China Elderly Healthcare Association, Shandong Provincial Association on Aging. 

Official Website: http://www.ccgi.org.cn 

Theme: “Promoting Elderly Health and Developing Combined Medical and Care Services for the Elderly

In order to pay high attention to the main issues confronted by the development of gerontology and health industry in China, and to promote the development of modern gerontology and elderly people’s health medical treatment as well as relevant industries in China,China Health Promotion Foundation other institutions will jointly host Chinese Congress on Gerontology and Health Industry, aiming to create a better communication platform for geriatricians and gerontologists home and abroad and to bring benefits to the elderly people.   


Medical workers and care workers engaged in elderly health care services in various medical institutions, medical workers from community medical service institutions, and the professionals and administrative staff engaged in medical care services, personnel from sanatoriums and nursing home, long-term care providing facilities and jobholders in the insurance trade, as well as personnel engaged in elderly health care service and health management-related trades. 

Credit Reward for Participants

The development of gerontology/geriatrics in China is still in an early stage and every progress of hers in its development contains our painstaking efforts. Your participation and support will be of tremendous importance, please attend the congress to discuss and study with thousands of participants from all over China and explore the clinical treatment of common geriatric syndromes face to face with the experts in the gerontology fields from all the country and jointly promote the development and progress of gerontology/geriatrics and health industries in China. The participants may get credits of Class I for continuing education of Chinese Medical Association.

Size of Congress:

Representatives of government agencies at all levels and societies, specialist physician and scientific research personnel, totaling about 2,500 people. 

Exhibits Range:

Medicine and healthcare products, medical devices, essential supplies for the aged, rehabilitation and care devices, scientific cosmetology and plastic surgeries, leisure tourism and body buildings, livable habitats, informatics services for the aged, talent training services in the old-age service field, alliances of old-age service brands, old-age service institutions, old-age health management, health care and nursing homes and technology demonstration, cultural products on health of the elderly, culture of health cultivation, and health food, etc. 

Booth and Arrangement

This exhibition will provide such two forms as the standard booths and special booths for the exhibitors to choose from according to their needs. The arrangement of exhibition booths will follow the principle of “Early applications and payment will be given priority in the arrangement of booths”. The organizer may reserve the right to make final allocations of a few booths. 

Sponsorship Scheme and Advertising in the Venue and on the Expo Journals

The exhibition will provide the participating enterprises with the opportunities to sponsor the exhibition and advertise in the venue and on the expo journals. Please call the relevant staff of the organizing committee to inquire the detailed scheme and information. 

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